Jack Alolome and Opambour

Opambour tells Jack Alolome he will curse him and his entire generation with the power of God

Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom, popularly known as Opambour, has issued a stern warning to gospel artist Jack Alolome for allegedly disrespecting his wife during a live radio broadcast.

Opambour has given Jack Alolome, as well as the management of Accra FM and the program’s host, a one-week deadline to offer apologies for the disrespect shown. He has threatened to invoke serious curses upon them if they fail to comply.

In a fiery statement, Opambour declared, “Let the owner of the station listen, I will curse you with the power of God, I will curse your work, I will curse your wife, and I will curse your offspring with the power of God. If I don’t hear anything before next week, I will curse your life and destiny.” The prophet emphasized that he will not tolerate any disrespect towards his wife.

Opambour’s anger stems from an incident recounted by Jack Alolome during a live interview on Accra FM. The gospel artist alleged that Opambour once directed his junior pastor to investigate a foul smell, suspected to be flatulence, during a church service.

According to Jack Alolome, Opambour instructed the pastor to sniff the buttocks of individuals in the vicinity of the odor, including his wife.

Despite the controversy, Jack Alolome clarified that the smell was actually coming from the shoe of a church drummer, not from anyone’s flatulence. Opambour reportedly handled the situation by increasing the drummer’s pay and instructing him to leave the church. The entire congregation reportedly supported Opambour’s decision.

Opambour has demanded an apology from Jack Alolome, the radio station, and the presenter for disrespecting his wife. He has warned that failure to apologize within the stipulated time frame may result in severe consequences.