We are no more husband and wife – Medikal on divorce rumors with Fella

Medikal tells ex-wife Fella Makafui he’s just waiting for his ring and drinks

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has recently made headlines with his response to ex-wife Fella Makafui’s public statement regarding their separation.

Fella disclosed that their marriage had ended amicably some months prior, expressing her disappointment over Medikal’s recent behavior which she claims has tarnished her reputation.

In a social media post responding to Fella’s manager sharing her press release, Medikal demanded the return of his wedding ring and the drinks he provided for her family during their engagement. He expressed his readiness to finalize their divorce once these items are returned, stating, “Anytime you guys are ready, I am here.”

Fella Makafui’s press statement, dated May 18, 2024, confirmed the end of their four-year marriage and mentioned that the decision had been made months earlier, pending customary divorce rites. She also expressed her intention to pursue legal action to ensure her and her daughter’s safety and to establish formal co-parenting arrangements with Medikal in accordance with the law.

The couple is currently embroiled in a legal battle for custody of their house and their daughter, following a series of allegations made by Medikal against Fella Makafui on social media. This includes an incident where he claimed Fella reported him to the police after he requested her cousin, a long-term resident in their home, to vacate the premises.