It is unfavorable for gov’t to tax content creators- Kwadwo Sheldon

It is unfavorable for government to tax content creators – Kwadwo Sheldon

Popular Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon has raised concerns about the government’s recent decision to impose taxes on content creators in the country. Sheldon believes that this taxation could hinder the growth of the creative economy and discourage innovation.

In a recent interview with BBC’s Daniel Dadzie, Sheldon pointed out the challenges that Ghanaian content creators face in monetizing their content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

He noted that YouTube is currently the most reliable platform for generating income, although the earnings may not always meet creators’ expectations.

Sheldon criticized the current taxation system, stating that even before creators receive their earnings from YouTube, deductions are already made by the platform and the US government. He emphasized that taxing creators at this early stage of growth could significantly impact their earnings.

The YouTuber suggested that instead of burdening creators with additional taxes, the government should focus on reducing expenditure.

He also urged Ghanaian authorities to engage with social media platforms directly, as seen in neighboring countries like Nigeria and Kenya, where governments have facilitated opportunities for content creators to earn more.