Why I’m called Afronitaaa

I’m focused on achieving personal goals not relationships – Afronitaaa

Afronitaaa, the well-known Ghanaian dance star, whose real name is Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah, recently shared some personal details in a live interview on Hitz FM on April 8. According to Afronitaaa, she is currently not interested in pursuing romantic relationships. She emphasized that her focus is on achieving specific life goals and personal priorities at the moment.

“I have numerous ambitions to pursue, and I want to establish myself before diving into romantic commitments,” Afronitaaa stated during the interview, making it clear that she will reconsider dating only after achieving her objectives.

When asked about potential romantic interests, Afronitaaa humorously replied, “I’ll bounce you like a tennis ball,” eliciting laughter from the audience. She also acknowledged that she doesn’t receive many advances from men, speculating that they might fear rejection, leading them to hesitate in approaching her.

Despite this perception, Afronitaaa noted that she has many male friends and doesn’t give off an intimidating vibe. She also shared some amusing anecdotes about encounters with men, including one incident where an older man sent her a message asking if he could have her if she wasn’t married.

Afronitaaa’s focus on personal growth and achievements before considering romantic relationships showcases her dedication and determination to prioritize her goals.