I want to marry a man who will worship me – Ahuofe Patricia

I want to marry a man who will worship me – Ahuofe Patricia

Actress Priscilla Opoku Agyeman, popularly known as Ahuofe Patricia, recently opened up about her expectations in a potential husband.

In an interview with Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli on the Prime Morning show, she revealed that she values a man who will prioritize her in his life.

As the only child of her mother, Ahuofe Patricia emphasized that she has always been treated well and finds it difficult to tolerate mistreatment. She expressed her desire for a partner who will adore and cherish her, stating, “Someone who is going to worship me like I’m the best thing ever to happen to him. I’m my mom’s only child, and I’m really overpampered, so he has to worship me.”

When asked about the importance of financial stability in a relationship, Ahuofe Patricia humorously mentioned the correlation between praising offerings in church and financial standing. She also revealed that she appreciates generosity in a man and considers it a desirable trait in a potential husband.

Despite societal expectations and criticisms regarding her single status, Ahuofe Patricia emphasized that she is content with being unmarried and does not feel pressured to rush into marriage. However, she remains open to the possibility of marriage if it aligns with God’s plan and she finds the right partner.