Ko-Jo Cue and wife Prof. Priscilla Kolibea Mante

I met my husband via Blackberry pin – Ko-Jo Cue’s wife reveals

Prof. Priscilla Kolibea Mante, wife of rapper Ko-Jo Cue woman has revealed the unconventional way she met her husband – through a Blackberry pin.

In a recent interview, Ko-Jo Cue’s wife shared the story of how they connected through the popular messaging app.

The couple’s love story began when Ko-Jo Cue sent a friend request to his future wife, who was intrigued by his profile picture and decided to accept. They started chatting and quickly hit it off, bonding over their shared interests and sense of humor.

Despite living in different cities, the couple maintained a long-distance relationship for several months before finally meeting in person. The connection they had established online translated seamlessly into real life, and they knew they had found something special.

After dating for a few years, Ko-Jo Cue and his wife tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

They credit their strong bond to their initial connection through Blackberry and the strong foundation of friendship they built before becoming romantic partners.