I couldn’t live with myself if anyone died – Funny Face takes responsibility for accident

I couldn’t live with myself if anyone died – Funny Face takes responsibility for accident

Popular actor and comedian Funny Face is expressing gratitude to God after being involved in a recent road accident. The actor is thankful that none of the victims lost their lives in the incident.

In an emotional interview with Kofi TV, Funny Face stated that he would have been unable to live with himself if any of the individuals involved in the accident had lost their lives. The comedian recounted meeting the father of the two young children who were hit by his car, along with their grandmother, in court. He broke down in tears upon realizing that he had endangered the lives of someone else’s children.

Funny Face explained that the accident occurred when he tried to avoid a collision with a motorcyclist who suddenly crossed his path, resulting in him inadvertently hitting five people. Despite his desire to explain himself, Funny Face admitted feeling speechless in the face of the consequences of his actions. He even contemplated facing the same fate as the victims at the time of the incident, overwhelmed by the fear of causing harm to someone.

The actor has taken full responsibility for his actions and expressed his willingness to visit all the victims. Additionally, Funny Face is covering the costs of their medical expenses and has appealed to the public for support.

Funny Face also acknowledged that some people may no longer support him and pleaded for forgiveness from the general public. The accident, which occurred on a Sunday evening in Kakraba, Kasoa, left the victims, including a grandmother and two children, in need of medical attention. One of the victims fell into a coma initially, while the others received treatment at the Winneba Trauma Centre.

Following the accident, Funny Face was charged with drunk driving and careless driving, spending two weeks in police custody before being granted bail. A District Court in Kasoa granted him bail in the amount of GH¢120,000 on Tuesday, April 9. The prosecution provided an update on the health status of the victims, noting that four of them have been discharged from the hospital, with one still recuperating.

The comedian’s heartfelt remorse and willingness to take responsibility for his actions serve as a reminder of the importance of accountability and the consequences of reckless behavior.