I am in Ghana to find a wife – Kojo Anim

I am in Ghana to find a wife – US-based Ghanaian comedian Kojo Anim

US-based Ghanaian comedian, Kojo Anim, has revealed that he is currently in Ghana with the main purpose of finding a wife.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, Kojo expressed his struggle in speaking his mother tongue, Twi, and shared his desire to marry a Ghanaian woman to help him learn the language.

“I have to marry a Ghanaian woman,” Kojo emphasized during the interview. He explained that his late mother always advised him to marry a Ghanaian woman, and now that she is no longer around, he feels that marrying a Ghanaian woman would be a way to honor her memory.

When asked about the qualities he is looking for in a potential wife, Kojo mentioned that character is more important to him than looks. He admires how his role models, such as Dave Chappelle and Kevin, are supported by their wives who understand their line of work. Kojo emphasized the importance of finding someone who understands and appreciates his culture.

As he continues his search for a Ghanaian wife, Kojo remains optimistic about finding the right partner who shares his values and can support his career.

His journey to find love in Ghana reflects his deep connection to his roots and his commitment to fulfilling his late mother’s wish.