Ghana Tourism Authority welcomes Stevie Wonder with soirée

Ghana Tourism Authority welcomes Stevie Wonder with soirée

Renowned musician Stevie Wonder was honored with a welcome dinner at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Ghana by the Ghana Tourism Authority. The event celebrated Stevie’s official announcement of Ghanaian citizenship, following his decision to permanently relocate to Ghana with his family due to racial injustices in the United States.

During the dinner, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority commended Stevie for his impactful music that has touched the hearts of people worldwide and carried the spirit of Africa. The gathering was also attended by notable figures in the Ghanaian music and tourism industry, including Kwadwo Antwi, CEO of the Ghana Tourism Development Company, and actress Akosua Busia.

Stevie Wonder’s presence in Ghana symbolizes hope, inspiration, and unity through his transcendent music that brings people together regardless of race or background. In a moment of celebration, Stevie showcased his musical talents by performing on traditional Ghanaian rhythms at the soiree.

Prior to the evening event, Stevie engaged with the Ghanaian media at the African Regent Hotel, expressing his willingness to support and nurture the music talents of marginalized and disabled individuals in Ghana. Known for iconic songs like “Happy Birthday” and “Sir Duke,” Stevie’s artistic influence spans generations and continues to resonate with fans globally.

The welcome dinner and media engagement were captured in a series of photographs, showcasing the joy and camaraderie shared during Stevie Wonder’s celebration of Ghanaian citizenship. This momentous occasion highlights the cultural exchange and musical appreciation that transcends boundaries and promotes unity in diversity.