Funny Face’s license should have been seized long ago considering his mental state – Blakk Rasta

Funny Face’s driver’s license should have been seized long ago – Blakk Rasta

Ghanaian Reggae artist Blakk Rasta has raised concerns over Funny Face still having his driver’s license despite his well-documented battle with mental health issues.

Blakk Rasta questioned why authorities allowed Funny Face to keep his driving privileges, suggesting that the nation had failed in ensuring his full recovery before granting such permissions.

Speaking on the “Urban Blend” show on 3FM, Blakk Rasta expressed disappointment in how mental health is handled in Ghana. He pointed out the disparity in treatment, implying that if the accident involved government officials, the response would have been different.

Blakk Rasta blamed the state for allowing Funny Face to drive under the circumstances, emphasizing the need for stricter measures in such cases.

Furthermore, he criticized the lack of action taken regarding Funny Face’s driver’s license following his mental health struggles. Blakk Rasta suggested that the first step should have been to revoke his license and ensure proper psychiatric care.

“Funny Face had been to a psychiatric hospital a couple of times. Did they recommend that his driver’s license should be taken away? We have failed the little children involved in the accident. We have failed Funny Face himself,” Blakk Rasta lamented.

The incident in question took place on Sunday, 24th March 2023, when Funny Face allegedly hit five pedestrians with his Hyundai Atos at Kasoa, Kakraba Junction. While there were no fatalities, the victims sustained significant injuries.