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Funny Face must not be forgiven; his recklessness must not go unpunished – Arnold Baidoo

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Entertainment analyst Arnold Asamoah Baidoo is making waves with his controversial remarks on the actions of Funny Face and the call for forgiveness.

In a passionate statement, Arnold criticized those urging forgiveness, stating that they are insensitive and lack good judgment.

He expressed deep sympathy for the victims who suffered as a result of Funny Face’s actions, pointing out the seriousness of their injuries, including internal bleeding and the possibility of long-term disability.

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Arnold argued that if those defending Funny Face had been personally affected by the incident, their perspective on forgiveness might be different.

Furthermore, Arnold dismissed any suggestions of a spiritual explanation for Funny Face’s actions, attributing the incident solely to Funny Face’s errors.

He called for the legal system to take appropriate action, emphasizing that if there are legal repercussions for such actions, they should be enforced without hesitation.

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“He should not be forgiven, there is no justification for his actions, he is the reason why innocent people are in the hospital,” Arnold Baidoo declared.

Arnold’s comments have sparked strong reactions, with many questioning the balance between forgiveness and accountability in such situations.

The debate continues to unfold as the public wrestles with differing views on justice and redemption.

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Ghanaian comedian and actor Funny Face was involved in a car accident in Kasoa, in the Central Region.

Videos circulating on social media showed eyewitnesses gathered around the actor on Sunday evening.

One eyewitness reported hearing a crash right after parking his car.

The witness said he saw Funny Face’s vehicle collide with a woman, her two children, and a man on a motorbike.

In recent developments, the Kasoa District Court has ordered that Ghanaian comedian Funny Face be held in police custody for two weeks after colliding with five pedestrians.

Although his lawyer requested bail, the prosecution argued that more time was needed for further investigations into the incident.

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