Don’t boast about your achievements on social media, says Fred Amugi

Fred Amugi says don’t boast about your achievements on social media

Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi is advising people to steer clear of the urge to flaunt their accomplishments on social media platforms. In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, the Flora tissue ambassador emphasized the importance of humility and gratitude in one’s journey to success.

Amugi stressed that boasting about one’s achievements on social media is a sign of over-ambition, which can attract negative energy and expose individuals to evil-minded individuals. Instead, he urged people to express gratitude to God for their successes and seek divine guidance for continued blessings.

Recalling the wise words of late director Samuel Ansomenu, Amugi shared a quote from renowned musician and philosopher Beethoven, highlighting the importance of remaining humble even in the face of success. He cautioned against self-aggrandizement, as it can lead to a downfall and emphasized the value of acknowledging the contributions of others and divine intervention in one’s accomplishments.

The veteran actor expressed his desire to be remembered as someone who lived a fulfilling life and maximized the talents bestowed upon him, particularly in acting. Amugi underscored that genuine happiness stems from leading a modest and appreciative life, devoid of arrogance and self-centeredness.