Fella underwent surgery to advertise her slim tea business – Medikal

Fella underwent surgery to advertise her slim tea business – Medikal

Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, has made a shocking revelation about his former wife, Fella Makafui, stating that she underwent a tummy tuck surgery to boost her business.

He disclosed that her flat stomach was not a natural result of her slim tea product, but rather a surgical procedure she opted for.

Despite his initial disapproval of the surgery, Medikal ended up footing the bill for the surgeries in Nigeria and Turkey, spending over €25,000 to ensure her happiness.

In a candid statement, Medikal shared that Fella had expressed a desire to promote her business after giving birth and felt that surgery was necessary to achieve her goals. Despite his concerns for her well-being and appearance, Fella went ahead with the procedure.

Medikal expressed his worries about the risks involved in the surgery, considering Fella’s responsibilities as a wife, mother, and family member. He questioned the need for the surgery, as he was content with her appearance and didn’t see the purpose or goal she was trying to achieve.

Additionally, Medikal revealed that he had invested over $300,000 into Fella’s import and flat tummy business, showcasing his support for her endeavors. Despite their current differences, it is evident that Medikal remains dedicated to Fella’s success and well-being.