FDA is collapsing local breweries and impoverishing celebrities – Pablo Hxncho.

FDA is collapsing local breweries and impoverishing celebrities – Pablo Hxncho

Ghanaian Afro-Dancehall artist Pablo Hxncho, born Lawrence Nii Adjei Laryea, has recently voiced his disappointment with the FDA’s ban on celebrities promoting products from breweries.

In a post on his Facebook page, he expressed his frustration, highlighting the importance of celebrity endorsements for maximizing profit and paying taxes.

Hxncho pointed out that alcohol is commonly associated with celebrities worldwide, and their endorsement plays a crucial role in promoting brewery products.

He cited examples of international partnerships between breweries and renowned figures like Heineken Beer and James Bond characters. Additionally, he mentioned celebrity-owned alcoholic companies, emphasizing the significance of advertising for revenue generation.

The musician criticized the FDA’s restrictive regulations on brewery advertising in Ghana, comparing it to more lenient practices in developed countries.

Hxncho argued that the ban on celebrity endorsements is counterproductive, as it disadvantages local companies while benefiting foreign brands. He questioned the logic behind prohibiting local breweries from advertising while allowing international companies to do so freely in the country.

Furthermore, Hxncho raised concerns about the impact of these regulations on the creative industry, noting the loss of sponsorship opportunities for events. He criticized the FDA for imposing bans without providing evidence or data to support their decisions, labeling them as hypocritical and oppressive.

In conclusion, Hxncho emphasized the need for a more balanced approach to alcohol regulation, advocating for measures that safeguard public health without unfairly targeting local businesses.

His outspoken criticism of the FDA’s policies reflects a broader frustration within the creative community over the impact of regulatory restrictions on industry growth and revenue opportunities.