He was very drunk!” – Eyewitnesses claim after Funny Face’s near-fatal accident at Kasoa

Eyewitnesses claim he was very drunk after Funny Face’s near-fatal accident at Kasoa

Yesterday evening, a disturbing incident unfolded in Kasoa involving popular comedian Funny Face, resulting in injuries to five pedestrians.

Eyewitnesses recounted that Funny Face was driving recklessly around a roundabout, blasting music from his car, before veering towards his residence and colliding with a family and two motorcyclists.

This accident has sparked a flurry of conversations on social media, with many users expressing empathy for Funny Face’s ongoing mental health struggles.

The comedian has been open about his personal challenges, particularly his contentious custody battle with his ex-partner, Vanessa Nicole. He has accused her of adding to his stress by restricting his access to their children.

Funny Face has a well-documented history of grappling with severe depression, which has at times led to hospitalizations and self-harm threats. Despite appearing to be in a period of stability, he recently resumed sharing his grievances on social media.

Public opinion on the matter is split, with some deeply worried about his well-being, while others wonder if he might be exaggerating his emotional distress.

Comparisons have also been drawn to the situation of Black Stars legend Odartey Lamptey, who faced a prolonged legal battle over the paternity of his children. Following a tumultuous divorce, Lamptey has since remarried and is now a father to three biological children.