Children will still discover bad behaviours hidden from them – Kelvynboy

Children will still discover bad behaviours hidden from them – Kelvyn Boy

Ghanaian musician Kelvyn Boy has shared his thoughts on the role of parents in protecting their children from negative influences in society, particularly those coming from public figures.

In a recent statement, Kelvyn Boy stressed that in the modern world, it is impossible to shield children completely from exposure to certain things. He believes that if parents allow their kids to emulate questionable behavior, they are ultimately the ones who will suffer the consequences.

When asked about how he handles his smoking habit at home as a father of three, Kelvyn Boy revealed that his children see it as “daddy’s medicine” and simply put it back where it was when it falls.

Despite this, Kelvyn Boy stated that he has not indulged in such substances for some time as he is focused on releasing new music.

In relation to the anti-LGBTQ+ bill in Ghana, the “Vero” hitmaker expressed his disapproval, stating, “They want to legalize what is rather sin instead of what we smoke.”

Kelvyn Boy’s comments reflect his stance on the controversial bill and highlight his perspective on social issues affecting the country.