Citi Business Festival: Creative industry can boost economy if supported – Chief Moomen

Chief Moomen says ‘creative industry can boost economy if supported’

Renowned poet and playwright, Chief Moomen, has called on the government to create an enabling environment for the creative industry to flourish in Ghana.

Speaking at the Creative Entrepreneurship Forum of the Citi Business Festival in Accra, Chief Moomen emphasized the potential of the creative industry to significantly contribute to the nation’s economy if given the necessary support.

The forum, held under the theme “Exploring Creative Business; Transforming Your Passion into Revenue,” highlighted the untapped goldmine that is the creative industry in Ghana. Chief Moomen pointed out that the country is brimming with talented individuals and groups who have the ability to put Ghana on the global map with their creativity. However, due to lack of resources and support, many of these talents remain stifled.

Chief Moomen stressed the need for the government to set policies that would ensure the growth of the creative industry. He also called on stakeholders to invest in the sector for maximum gains, citing the industry as a treasure trove of talent and innovation that could yield significant returns, both economically and culturally, with the right investment.

Highlighting the success stories of various creatives who have made a mark locally and internationally, Chief Moomen emphasized that these successes could be more widespread with increased investment and support from stakeholders. He urged corporate entities, philanthropists, and the government to channel resources towards the development of the creative sector.

In addition to financial support, Chief Moomen suggested the establishment of creative hubs across the country, funding for creative projects, and capacity-building programs for creatives. He also called for investment in platforms that promote and distribute creative works, ensuring that creatives reach a wider audience and gain the recognition they deserve.

It is evident that the creative industry in Ghana is ripe with potential, waiting to be tapped into with the right support and investment. With the government and stakeholders on board, the creative sector could thrive and contribute significantly to the economy while showcasing Ghanaian talent on a global scale.