Celestine Donkor speaks on report of undergoing weight loss surgery

Celestine Donkor speaks on report of undergoing weight loss surgery

Gospel musician Celestine Donkor has recently clarified rumors regarding her alleged plans to undergo weight loss surgery. In a recent interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz with Doreen Avio, the ‘Agbebolo’ hitmaker addressed the speculation, stating that she has not made any decisions to undergo surgery at this time.

Despite societal pressures to maintain a certain appearance, especially as an artist, Celestine emphasized the importance of considering the health implications of body-altering surgeries. She explained that such procedures are typically recommended by doctors based on health assessments, particularly if one’s life is at risk due to weight-related issues.

However, Celestine Donkor affirmed that she is in good health and very active, with no history of high blood pressure or other defects associated with being plus size. She highlighted the importance of regular check-ups, staying hydrated, getting enough rest, and staying physically fit through activities like marathon running.

Additionally, the singer revealed her aversion to surgery due to her fear of knives, stemming from her experiences with three caesarian sections during childbirth. Instead of opting for surgery, Celestine expressed a preference for less risky alternatives like dieting, exercise, and intermittent fasting.

Even when offered a substantial sum of money to undergo surgery, Celestine reiterated her focus on investing in her soul rather than her physical appearance. She emphasized the transient nature of the human body and encouraged her fans to accept her as she is, without risking her life to conform to societal expectations of beauty standards.