Bola Ray will become President one day – Bishop Adonteng Boateng prophesies

Bola Ray will become president one day – Bishop Adonteng Boateng prophesies

During a recent sermon, Bishop Adonteng Boateng, the leader of Divine World International Ministries, made a powerful prophecy concerning Ghanaian media personality and businessman Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray.

The bishop boldly declared that Bola Ray, who also serves as the CEO of EIB Network, has been anointed by God to one day lead the nation as its president.

Bishop Adonteng stressed the divine calling on Bola Ray’s life and called upon all Ghanaians to come together in prayer for him as he embarks on this journey toward fulfilling his destined role in Ghana’s leadership. This prophecy was shared during a church service, where the bishop recalled a similar prophecy he had given to John Dramani Mahama in the past about his presidency.

Drawing parallels between the two prophecies, Bishop Adonteng expressed firm belief in the forthcoming fulfillment of his prophecy regarding Bola Ray’s future in Ghana’s highest office.

He confidently stated, “The Lord is telling me that your classmate Bola Ray will become president of Ghana. Years ago when John Mahama was a Communication Minister, he came to our church and I prophesied to him he would become president.”

The bishop’s prophecy has sparked discussions and reactions among Ghanaians, with many eagerly anticipating the unfolding of Bola Ray’s political journey.

The video of Bishop Adonteng’s prophecy has been widely shared on social media, further amplifying the anticipation surrounding Bola Ray’s potential future as the president of Ghana.