Blogger Clement gets emotional while talking about KODA; declares: ‘I’ll always be a big fan of yours’

Blogger Clement of Gossips24Avenue recently shared a touching account of the events leading up to the passing of gospel musician KODA.

The blogger was visibly emotional as he recounted the journey that KODA had gone through before his untimely death.

According to Clement, KODA had been battling a kidney illness that ultimately required surgery to improve his health. While the initial operation seemed successful, the exact cause of the illness remained unknown, leaving many questions unanswered.

The blogger also revealed that KODA had a falling out with a pastor in Takoradi, which led him to relocate to Accra. Despite undergoing a successful surgery in Accra, KODA later traveled to the U.S. to ensure his well-being.

Tragically, upon his return, KODA experienced a sudden recurrence of kidney issues that ultimately led to his passing. In his final moments, industry figures such as Ace Ankomah and Nii Okai were by his side, offering their support and comfort.

Deeply moved by KODA’s passing, Blogger Gossips24Avenue expressed his admiration for the late musician and paid an emotional tribute, stating, “I’m a fan of yours, I’ll always be a fan of yours, I was a fan of yours. In fact, I am getting emotional; I can’t do this anymore.”