Citi Business Festival: Be intentional about building social networks – Apiorkor urges creatives

Be intentional about building social networks – Apiorkor urges creatives

Renowned poet and author, Apiorkor, has encouraged creatives to prioritize building social networks in order to advance their careers in the creative industry.

Speaking at the Creative Entrepreneurship Forum of the Citi Business Festival in Accra, Apiorkor stressed the significant impact networking can have on an individual’s career.

Known for her dynamic performances and thought-provoking poetry, Apiorkor highlighted the role of social networks in facilitating collaboration, idea-sharing, and gaining exposure within the industry.

“Being a creative is not just about creating; it’s also about connecting,” Apiorkor emphasized. “We need to be intentional about building our networks. It’s through these networks that we find opportunities, learn from each other, and grow together.”

Drawing from her personal experiences, Apiorkor shared how her own network has played a crucial role in her career. “Many of the opportunities I’ve had came through my network. People I’ve met at events, colleagues I’ve worked with, even friends I’ve made online,” she revealed.

Encouraging creatives to step out of their comfort zones, Apiorkor urged them to actively seek out networking opportunities. “Attend events, join online communities, collaborate with others. Be proactive and intentional in building your network,” she advised.