Africa should have a King, not democracy – Sonnie Badu

Africa should have a king, not democracy – Sonnie Badu suggests

Sonnie Badu, a pastor and musician, recently shared his skepticism about democracy as a governance system for Africa during an interview on Accra 100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo midmorning programme with Nana Romeo.

He expressed his views on the challenges facing the continent, attributing them to its abundant mineral and natural resources.

Badu questioned the practicality of democracy in Africa and compared it to monarchies, citing examples like the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, where monarchic rule has led to developmental progress.

He criticized politicians for focusing on self-interest, neglecting the well-being of citizens despite the continent’s ample resources.

The pastor highlighted the issue of dilapidated hospitals and clinics, while politicians allocate money to projects that do not address basic needs like fixing schools under trees. He explained how politicians often prioritize personal gain, citing the high costs of political campaigns and the need to recover investments.

Badu emphasized the stability and advancement brought by monarchs compared to the political turbulence seen in democracies. He called for African nations to consider monarchies as a potential solution, pointing to the steady development and safeguarding of resources in such systems.

Acknowledging the flaws within the political system, Badu warned against the deceit embedded in political opposition and the prioritization of politicians’ interests over the welfare of the populace. He urged African citizens to have a deeper understanding of political dynamics and their societal impact.

Badu expressed concern for the predicament of African citizens amid political maneuvering, advocating for a shift towards a system that prioritizes the well-being of the people over personal gain.