8 reasons accidents happen in Ghana according to Music Producer, Kwesi Ernest

Reasons accidents happen in Ghana – Kwesi Ernest explains

CEO of Media Excel Productions and renowned music producer, Kwesi Ernest, has highlighted the key factors contributing to road accidents in Ghana.

In a recent discussion, he outlined eight critical elements that play a significant role in these incidents.

Among the factors mentioned by Kwesi Ernest are potholes, inadequate street lighting, a lack of road signs, faulty traffic lights, oversized speed ramps, deficiencies in the driver’s licensing system, the excessive use of mobile phones while driving, and driving while fatigued.

Of particular concern is institutional negligence, with many roads in Ghana lacking proper road signs, poorly aligned roads, and inadequate road ramps.

Kwesi Ernest emphasized the importance of addressing issues such as poor road ramps and institutional negligence as a top priority in reducing road accidents in the country.

These comments from Kwesi Ernest come in the wake of a recent accident involving musician Kuame Eugene near the DSTV office close to the Dzorwulu traffic light in Accra. While Kuame Eugene’s current condition remains undisclosed, reports suggest that he is receiving treatment and responding positively.