Kenya drops unpopular entry fee for seven countriesSouth Africans and Ethiopians are among those who will no longer have to pay a $30 fee to enter.Africa

Kenya drops unpopular entry fee for seven countries including Ghana

Kenya has announced that it will be removing the $30 entry fee for citizens of seven countries, including South Africa and Ethiopia.

The move comes as a welcome relief for travelers from these nations, who will now be able to enter Kenya without having to pay the previously mandatory fee.

The decision to drop the entry fee is part of Kenya’s efforts to boost tourism and trade with its African neighbors.

By removing the financial barrier of the entry fee, the Kenyan government hopes to encourage more visitors from South Africa, Ethiopia, and other eligible countries to explore the country’s natural beauty and diverse culture.

In addition to South Africans and Ethiopians, citizens of five other African countries will also be exempt from the entry fee. These countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda.

The move has been welcomed by many in the region, as it is seen as a positive step towards fostering greater cooperation and unity among African nations.

It is hoped that this decision will not only make travel to Kenya more accessible for citizens of the seven countries but also strengthen the bonds between them and Kenya.

Overall, the removal of the entry fee is a positive development for both Kenya and its African neighbors.

By eliminating this financial barrier, Kenya is taking an important step towards promoting greater regional integration and cooperation.

This decision is likely to have a positive impact on tourism, trade, and the overall relationship between Kenya and the seven countries affected by the fee waiver.