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Burna Boy rejects ‘Ghana jollof’ on TV, says “this is not Ghana jollof” (VIDEO)

Nigerian Grammy winner and afrobeats superstar Burna Boy rejected a plate labelled ‘Ghana jollof’ and slammed the chef responsible, affirming that the real taste of jollof made in Ghana tastes better than what he was served.

The controversial meal, which originated from Senegal, has been a debate for decades and has even turned into a social media war between two West African countries, Ghana and Nigeria.

The dish wasn’t left out when the ‘Last Last’ hitmaker appeared on a Complex interview to discuss his album, lifestyle and the music industry.

Talking about his favourite jollof, he said “There can only be one King in Africa. We don’t need princesses and royal family members attached to the King.”

Burna Boy was given four different plates of jollof prepared in four countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Kenya) to taste and predict the countries they come from.

Interestingly, Burna Boy was able to predict right for all the countries he tasted. However, he noticed an unusual taste from the last plate labelled ‘Ghana jollof.’

And when the host told him it was Ghana jollof, he couldn’t believe it. He said Ghana jollof tastes better and that whoever prepared the dish didn’t get it right.

“They (the chef) didn’t get it right,” he said after tasting it for the first time.

He criticised the chef: “How can you not get Ghana jollof right? This is not how Ghana jollof is done. Ghana jollof is way better than this even if it’s at the bottom of my list.”

Watch the interesting video below.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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