Indonesia’s former speaker gets 15 years in jail for corruption

Setya Novanto, once among the Indonesia’s most influential politicians, had been accused of taking millions in kickbacks and bribes linked to the national roll-out of government ID cards.

Protesters march in Armenia after opposition leader detained

Hundreds of students, some medical students in white coats, also marched arm-in-arm through the streets, holding Armenian flags.

Jury convicts ex-NY nanny of murdering two children

Ortega killed six-year-old Lucia and two-year-old Leo with a kitchen knife in the bathroom of their affluent Upper West Side apartment on October 25, 2012.

No-go warning as Japan volcano erupts for first time in 250 years

In a televised press conference, he warned residents in the area to stay away from the mountain, part of the Mount Kirishima group of volcanoes, as major ash deposits spread from the crater.

Queen puts forward son as next head of Commonwealth

The position is not hereditary, but Prince Charles, who is also the heir to the thrones of 16 Commonwealth nations, is expected to get the nod, despite some unease among ardent republicans.

France’s Macron faces mass protests as opponents join forces

French President Emmanuel Macron (R) speaks to pupils during his visit to…

Senegal police fire tear gas to break up anti-government protest

Two opposition figures — Malick Gakou of the Grand Parti and Thierno Bocoum of the Agir movement — were among those arrested, their parties said.

IMF’s Lagarde warns against harming trade, investment

IMF listed the trade tensions as a key downside risk to the otherwise encouraging global recovery and warned they could harm the poorest the most through rising prices.

King renames Swaziland as ‘eSwatini’

The king of Swaziland, one of the world’s few absolute monarchs, announced…

Syria hands back Assad award to US ‘slave’ France

Syria returned to France the prestigious Legion d’Honneur it gave to President…