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‘You are no more a pastor’: Dag Heward-Mills sacks pastor in front of congregation

Founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel International, Dag Heward-Mills has sacked one of his pastors — and he did it in front of his congregation during a service.

The date and time of this shocking event isn’t clear to us, but from a viral video available to, it might have happened in the last few days.

In the viral video, the popular man of God is seen preaching to a congregation. While preaching, he paused and put a pastor on the spot to ask him about what he had learned from his preaching.

The pastor, whose name is understood to be Eric Larbi, was called to summarise the sermon he heard and he goofed (he was probably under pressure because he appeared tense in the video).

After failing to answer properly, Dag Heward-Mills looked straight into his eyes and said: “You are no more a pastor (literally, you are fired).”

“This is a representative of this church. Which church? Lighthouse?” he quizzed. “He is just an example. When I take three people here and I start to ask you certain questions, you will see that you are not a pastor in this church.”

“That’s why when you ask people to sign certain forms (documents), some certain people refuse to sign,” he continued.

Bishop Heward-Mills explained why he sacked the pastor on the spot, saying he failed to understand the foundation of the church.

“You don’t know the basics of this church but you are called a pastor. You are a representative and a leader, how much more the people?” he said.

His action has been criticised by a majority of social media users who saw the video.

“I feel it could have been handled more appropriately cos disgracing a fellow man like this would have an effect on his self-esteem and more,” Instagram user @ikequayson said.

“This is so scary! I used to be so scared of answering questions in class because of getting the answer wrong and being humiliated and no not everyone has the same level of intelligence some people have a problem understanding stuff and that is not a sin,” user @kateogah said.

“It’s called bullying and trying to make someone small so you look good. If you think he is not a pastor tell him to go in private but not in front of everyone. Who are you to judge, it only takes a fake person to see one. My opinion please,” user @t777yna04 opined.

“The church is the most intolerant place ever, they are quick to judge people as if they’re God himself, meanwhile they preach about love. We Christians are so hypocritical. What the man said is right, he just didn’t say it in the words the pastor expected so he had to condemn him cos he has the power,” user @e.l.n1no stated.

Another user @gidash2 said: “How can he do that? Is he aware of the mental and emotional damage he has caused this man? You can’t do that as a man of God. So much ignorance. I would sue him if I were the man.”

Dag Heward-Mills’ action was defended by others as well.

“You can’t take this from an emotional point of view. If you’re being tested in life you have to know certain things to help your congregation as well if you’re a pastor. I won’t be happy if my pastor doesn’t know his basics. it’s meant to encourage others to be serious when it comes to God’s work because more is expected from people who are supposed to be leading people,” user @llcaptanll said.

Another user @kojocooper added: “That’s sorr!. He isn’t. They don’t know the basics yet they claim ”holy spirit “ directs them to lead/teach ppl. Always claiming spiritual directions that the ordinary person won’t understand when u question them. How can they understand spiritual directions when they don’t know the simple basics.”

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