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Ghanaian lady shares racist treatment from McDonald’s employee in Italy (VIDEO)

A video addressing a racist experience at a McDonald's restaurant in Italy immediately backfired after a Ghanaian customer took a dig at Sisala people of Ghana.

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A Ghanaian lady living in Italy has shared a sad racist experience with an employee of McDonald’s on social media.

TikToker Abena Nature vented her spleen on the video-sharing platform Monday (June 12) after experiencing racist treatment when he stepped out to buy food from the American multinational food chain.

According to Abena Nature, the self-service kiosk at the restaurant worked for all the ‘white customers’ who queued up to buy their food. However, when it got to her turn, the self-service kiosk was turned off by a server.

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“I’m here at McDonald’s to buy my food. When it got to my turn to buy my food, the lady put off my self-service kiosk. They did this because of racism. They are f–king racist,” she claimed in the video she posted on her TikTok account.

“I insisted on ordering my food, else I wouldn’t let anyone else order.  But she put on one of the self-service kiosks for the white customers to order theirs,” she continued.

“People asked me to go home and buy pizza but I didn’t agree. I finally got my order served,” she added.

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However, after building a good point to buttress the discriminatory behaviour towards her skin colour, she also discriminated against the Sisala people in the Northern region of Ghana.

“I’m not that kind of Sisala people who would tolerate this bullsh!t,” she added.

Her last statement ruined her argument, and her video backfired immediately.

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“Why are you better than Sisala people anaaa?” a Tiktoker said. Another TikToker said: “You are also doing tribalism dear.”

Many people on Instagram who saw the video blasted her.

“Based on common sense as a Sisala, it is advisable not to accept food from a racist when compelled to do so. There is a possibility that the food they offer might not be pleasant or safe to consume,” an Instagram user said.

Another user added: “Even She Is Also doing the same. How can you Sisala people deserve such treatment? This Lady always speaks about Racism. Why?”

Watch the full video below.

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