RuffTown Records unveil latest signing Baba Tundey

RuffTown Records unveil latest signing Baba Tundey

Ghanaian record label RuffTown Records has made a groundbreaking announcement by signing their first male artist, Baba Tundey.

Referred to as one of the voices of the future, Baba Tundey has been making waves in the industry, especially with his hit song ‘Anastasia’ featuring Asakaa rapper Jay Bahd. The song has captured the hearts of fans and showcased the immense potential of the talented singer.

To mark the signing of Baba Tundey, RuffTown Records released a music video for his popular single ‘Last Born (Remix)’ featuring Holyrina. The CEO of the label took to Instagram to share the exciting news, and the reception from fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

Expressing his happiness about joining the renowned record label, Baba Tundey, also known as “Maame Alata Last Born,” shared his excitement for the future. He emphasized the importance of collaborating with great producers and artists to expand his reach and deliver outstanding music to his audience. With a blend of Hiplife and Afrobeats, Baba Tundey’s unique style has garnered attention since his debut single, ‘Talent Never Dies,’ in 2023.

RuffTown Records, founded in 2015 by Ricky Nana Aygeman, also known as Bullet, has been at the forefront of promoting and developing talents in the Ghanaian music industry.

The addition of Baba Tundey to their roster further solidifies their commitment to nurturing and showcasing exceptional artists.