Queen Asabia, Kenteman return to action at Highlife Day concert

Queen Asabia, Kenteman return to action at Highlife Day concert

Queen Asabia and Kenteman, two prominent figures in the Ghanaian music scene, made a triumphant return to the stage at the World Highlife Day concert held at the Goethe Institut in Accra.

Despite being away from live performances for some time, the duo captivated the audience with their energetic performance.

Dressed in their signature Kente outfits, Queen Asabia and Kenteman delighted the crowd with popular hits such as ‘Towia’, ‘Love You So Much’, and ‘Womaya’. Backed by Akablay & The Abiza Band, they had the audience on their feet dancing and singing along.

With years of experience in live music, Kenteman showcased his musical prowess on the guitar, while Queen Asabia displayed her skill on the saxophone. The duo’s chemistry and showmanship were evident as they entertained the crowd with a medley of highlife classics.

Queen Asabia and Kenteman, known for their work with bands like Sweet Talks and Black Hustlers, have received recognition from prominent figures such as Nelson Mandela, Jerry John Rawlings, and even Barack Obama. Their influence extends beyond music, as they played a role in popularizing Kente fabric in Cote d’Ivoire.

Reflecting on their performance at the World Highlife Day concert, Queen Asabia and Kenteman expressed their commitment to upholding Ghana’s musical heritage. They emphasized the importance of preserving highlife music and promised more upcoming appearances to celebrate the genre.

The event also featured other talented acts such as Abiana, Della Hayes, Nicolai Tobiesen, and Akablay & The Abiza Band. The annual celebration of World Highlife Day was initiated by Ghanaian guitarist Akablay to showcase the importance of highlife music on a global scale.