Participating in rap ‘beefs’ has impacted my music career positively – Amerado

Participating in rap ‘beefs’ has impacted my music career positively – Amerado

Rapper Amerado, known in real life as Kwabena Sarfo Kantanka, recently opened up about how engaging in rap ‘beefs’ has positively impacted his music career.

During an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, Amerado revealed that his confrontations with other artists such as Kofi Mole, Lyrical Joe, Obibini, and the founder of Ajagurajah Movement have been instrumental in his growth as an artist.

The rapper expressed no regrets about participating in these ‘beefs,’ acknowledging that they have helped him expand his fan base, increase his presence on social media, and ultimately advance his music career.

Amerado emphasized the importance of learning from every experience as an artist and highlighted how the competitive nature of rap ‘beefs’ has allowed him to showcase his lyrical skills to a wider audience.

He pointed out that the attention and interest generated during these confrontations have translated into a surge in his social media following and a rise in listenership, particularly among rap music enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the difference in engagement between his regular rap content and the material released during rap ‘beefs,’ Amerado underscored the significant impact these challenges have had on his visibility and popularity within the rap music scene.

Encouraging fellow artists to embrace opportunities for growth and self-discovery, Amerado stressed the importance of pushing oneself to new heights in the competitive music industry.

In conclusion, the rapper viewed his involvement in rap ‘beefs’ as a mutually beneficial situation, allowing him to uncover hidden potential and connect with a broader audience of rap music fans.

He urged his colleagues to see challenges as stepping stones to personal and artistic development, motivating them to rise to the occasion and elevate their craft.