My song ‘December’ was written out of pain – Gyakie

My song ‘December’ was written out of pain – Gyakie

Ghanaian singer Gyakie recently shared the heartbreaking inspiration behind her latest song, “December.”

In an interview on TV3, Gyakie revealed that the emotional turmoil she experienced from someone she deeply cared about led her to create the song.

Describing the song as a product of her melancholy times, Gyakie emphasized that every line in the song is sincere and reflects her emotional state during a difficult period.

She disclosed that she felt the need to rediscover herself and her sound after feeling disconnected from reality, even battling with suicidal thoughts.

Gyakie’s candid revelation provides a glimpse into the personal journey behind her music and adds a deeper layer of meaning to “December” for her fans.

The singer’s openness about her struggles highlights the vulnerability and authenticity she brings to her music, resonating with many listeners who have faced similar challenges.

Fans can watch the interview and gain more insight into Gyakie’s emotional journey and the creation of “December” in the video below.