Wendy Shay sparks controversy with new post

Is Wendy Shay leaving RuffTown Records? Singer sparks controversy with new post

The Queen of Ghana music, Wendy Shay, has stirred up her loyal fans with a recent social media update hinting at a major change in her career trajectory.

In a surprising move, the songstress revealed that she is gearing up to release a music video for her latest track, ‘Who Cares’, but shocked everyone by announcing that it will not be premiering on Rufftown Records channels, her long-time label.

Instead, Wendy Shay disclosed her plans to start a new journey by launching exclusive channels for all her future music content. In a tweet addressed to her fan base, she stated, “SHAYGANG, my new video will not be on Rufftown Records Channel. Follow me as I embark on a new journey and subscribe to my new YouTube account.”

The artist’s decision was solidified by her removal of all Rufftown Records-related posts from her social media profiles, indicating a potential rebranding strategy.

Having been a key figure at Rufftown Records for six years and often dubbed the label’s ‘cash cow,’ Wendy Shay’s unexpected announcement has left many questioning the status of her contract with the company.

Despite numerous speculations about her departure, Wendy Shay has not yet issued an official statement regarding any changes to her management structure. Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates on this developing story.