I was ‘underground’ for about 15 years – King Paluta

I was ‘underground’ for about 15 years – King Paluta

Thomas Adjei Wireko, better known as King Paluta in the music industry, recently opened up about his music career in an interview with Delay.

The talented rapper, who has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with his captivating tunes, revealed that his musical journey began around 2007 when Asem dropped the hit track ‘Gimme Blow’.

When asked if he had been an underground artist for 15 years, he confirmed it, saying, “It could be [15 years].”

During his teenage years, King Paluta’s passion for music led him to spend nights in music recording studios, earning him the nickname “studio rat.” He would clean the studio and even receive gifts from visitors.

“I was a ‘studio rat’. I slept in the recording studio, cleaned the place and even got gifts from people that visited,” he shared.

Moreover, he honed his skills in music programming and production during this period, which has proved beneficial in his career. “At the time, it was difficult to even pay for our studio sessions so learning how to produce my own songs has helped me. Right now, I produce most of my songs,” he added.

Although he officially started releasing songs consistently in 2015, King Paluta has made a mark on music lovers with recent hits like ‘Yahitte’, ‘Aseda’, ‘Sika Aba Fie’, and his features on tracks like Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Insha Allah’, Strongman’s ‘Chilling’, and Rap Fada’s ‘Odo Bi Ye Bad’. Additionally, he has a repertoire of other songs including ‘Heal the World’, ‘Eboso’, ‘All My Life’, ‘Tonga’, and ‘Aha Akye’.

While originally recognized as a rapper, King Paluta’s shift towards singing has earned him accolades, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

With the Ghana Music Awards nominations on the horizon, music enthusiasts and social media users are tipping King Paluta as a potential contender for the New Artiste of the Year category.