I reloaded my accounts within 24 hours after emptying them for ‘Praise Reloaded’ – Joe Mettle

I reloaded my accounts within 24 hours after emptying them for ‘Praise Reloaded’ – Joe Mettle

Award-winning gospel singer Joe Mettle has shared an inspiring story of faith and blessings during an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning show.

Mettle revealed how he emptied his bank account to organize one of the editions of his annual Praise Reloaded concert, believing that it would bring blessings.

His faith was rewarded within twenty-four hours when unexpected opportunities arose to replenish his funds.

According to Mettle, after the concert, he traveled to the US for a wedding, even though he hadn’t finished paying for the event.

However, he received an invitation to another event that resulted in him receiving more than enough money to cover all expenses and still have something left in his account.

Contrary to what some may think, Mettle clarified that he does not make any profit from ticket sales for his concerts. Instead, he believes in giving back to impact others with the resources entrusted to him.

This experience reinforced his belief that God blesses those who are willing to give generously.

Looking ahead to the 2024 edition of Praise Reloaded, which will take place at the Accra Sports Stadium and feature a lineup of talented gospel ministers, Mettle shared his plan to fill the forty-thousand-seated stadium for free.

This decision was inspired by a fan who reached out to his team for free tickets as they couldn’t afford to purchase any.

Despite initial doubts about the feasibility of the idea, Mettle encouraged his team to trust in God, leading to the decision to offer free entry to the event.

The theme for the 12th edition of Praise Reloaded is ‘The Holy Spirit Encounter,’ and it promises to be a powerful and uplifting experience for all attendees.