I got land for Fantasy Dome relocation but it was too small – Okraku-Mantey

I got land for Fantasy Dome relocation but it was too small – Okraku-Mantey

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mark Okraku-Mantey, has addressed the recent demolition of the Fantasy Dome at the Trade Fair site. Speaking at the African Music Business Summit at the GIPC, he expressed his concerns about the situation.

Although he admitted to not having all the details, Okraku-Mantey mentioned that he had been assisting Leslie, the owner of Fantasy Entertainment, in finding a new location for his tent before the demolition took place. He explained that Leslie had approached him personally for land to relocate the Dome, and while he had offered a spot at the National Museum, it proved unsuitable due to space constraints.

The demolition of the 20,000-seater capacity Fantasy Dome took place on Saturday, March 16, 2024. The Chief Executive Officer of the Trade Fair, Dr Agnes Adu, explained that they had given Leslie multiple notices to vacate the leased premises for a redevelopment project as per their tenancy agreement.

Dr. Adu clarified that all previous tenants, including the owners of the Fantasy Dome, had been informed about the ongoing redevelopment of the Trade Fair Centre and asked to relocate. Despite numerous notices, the Fantasy Dome was the only structure that had not been moved, leading to its eventual demolition.

Leslie Quaynor, the CEO of Fantasy Entertainment, revealed that his lease had ended, and the process of relocating the dome was underway. However, his request for an extension was denied by the Trade Fair management, leading to the legal actions taken to prevent the destruction of his property.

This incident has been a significant setback for Quaynor as a businessman and has also impacted the entertainment industry, which relies on event centers like the Fantasy Dome to thrive.