I don’t have time for empty barrels – Nacee to Broda Sammy

I don’t have time for empty barrels – Nacee to Broda Sammy

Gospel artist Nana Osei, known as Nacee, has fired back at his fellow musician Broda Sammy following allegations made by him. Broda Sammy had implied that Nacee’s position as a board member was the reason why he could not secure any TGMA awards.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, Nacee referred to Broda Sammy as an “empty barrel” and stated that he did not have the time to engage with him. He also made it clear that he was not interested in discussing the issue further.

Nacee emphasized the importance of being cautious with one’s words and expressed his admiration for Broda Sammy’s talent, despite their current disagreement. However, he highlighted the risks of making threatening statements, noting that it could have serious consequences.

When asked about a potential collaboration with Broda Sammy, Nacee hinted that it might be a possibility in the future. He urged his colleague to be mindful of his words and actions and warned against making dangerous statements.

Nacee’s response to Broda Sammy’s accusations shows a firm stance on the matter and a desire to maintain professionalism in the industry. It remains to be seen how this feud will unfold and whether the two artists will reconcile in the future.