Why I choose not to comment on LGBTQ+ issues- Celestine Donkor

Having your partner as your manager is the best – Celestine Donkor

Renowned gospel artist Celestine Donkor from Ghana recently shared her perspective on the benefits of having a partner as a manager, especially for female artists.

In a recent interview with TV3, Donkor opened up about how having her husband as her manager has played a crucial role in her career. She described their journey together in the music industry, highlighting the growth they have experienced.

According to Donkor, having her husband as her manager has been “the best thing” for her career. She explained how they started from scratch, with her husband transitioning from a background in imports and exports to managing her music full-time.

The couple’s partnership has not only strengthened their bond but has also brought joy to their travels and performances, both locally and internationally. Donkor emphasized the flexibility of being able to travel extensively without her husband having to stay at home.

However, she advised that for such a partnership to succeed, there must be a shared interest in music between the couple. Donkor highlighted the importance of assessing the partner’s level of interest and willingness to learn about the industry to ensure a harmonious collaboration.