Olivetheboy denies writing ‘Goodsin’ song for Ayra Starr

Ghanaian afrobeat singer Olivetheboy denies writing ‘Goodsin’ song for Ayra Starr

Ghanaian Afrobeat sensation, Olivetheboy, has set the record straight about the inspiration behind his hit song “Goodsin.”

Contrary to rumors, the singer clarified that the song was not composed to express his feelings for Nigerian songstress Ayra Starr, but rather as a tribute to her talent.

In an interview with Luv FM, Olivetheboy disclosed that his admiration for Ayra Starr, particularly her song “Sability,” sparked the idea for “Goodsin.” He shared that while searching for inspiration in the studio, Ayra’s music played in the background, leading to the creation of his hit track.

Addressing teasing from friends about his interest in Ayra, Olivetheboy assured that his focus was on creating good music rather than pursuing a romantic relationship with the Nigerian singer. He humorously recounted the moment when his friends teased him, saying, “Goodsin don’t worry, it’s going to be a Goodsin.”

Delving into his musical journey, Olivetheboy revealed that his passion for songwriting was ignited by a past relationship. Despite the heartbreak he experienced, his ex-girlfriend served as an unexpected muse, driving his artistic growth. The singer acknowledged the role she played in inspiring his music, even as he faced challenges balancing his academic pursuits with his musical aspirations.

Known for infusing various cultures and languages into his music, Olivetheboy expressed a desire to create a record with international appeal. He admitted to drawing inspiration from different sources, aiming to produce music that resonates globally.

Fans can anticipate Olivetheboy’s upcoming album, which is set to feature collaborations with artists from Ghana, Uganda, and Nigeria.