FOCAP executive meets Japanese Embassy for creative economy discussion

FOCAP executive meets Japanese Embassy for creative economy discussion

The Foundation of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP) recently engaged in a strategic meeting with officials from the Japanese Embassy to explore opportunities within the creative industries. This meeting is part of FOCAP’s 2024 Strategic partnership drive aimed at enhancing the creative economy.

During the meeting, FOCAP executives discussed various aspects of the creative economy and potential partnerships between Ghana and Japan. Key areas of focus included cultural exchanges, sponsorship of creative arts professionals, advocacy, training, and support. These discussions will serve as the foundation for the partnership between the two countries.

Over the years, the Japan Embassy has hosted several programs to promote Japanese culture, including the Japanese Cultural Expo, Speech Contest, and Japanese Calligraphy Exhibitions.

FOCAP, known as the foremost creative industry advocacy group and catalyst for the creative economy, is committed to forming partnerships and alliances to further strengthen the creative industry. In the coming months, FOCAP plans to launch a series of training programs and exchange initiatives for the creative sector.

The FOCAP delegation at the meeting included Mr. Kojo Preko Dankwa (President), Mr. Enock Agyepong (Vice President – Research), and Mr. Mel Kwesi Davis (Vice President – Administration).

The discussions between FOCAP and the Japanese Embassy highlight the commitment of both parties to foster collaboration and growth within the creative industries. This partnership is expected to bring about new opportunities for creative professionals in Ghana and Japan.