Edem’s VRMG releases debut EP titled ‘Activado’

Edem’s VRMG releases debut EP titled ‘Activado’

VRMG, the record label founded by Edem Goget’em, has just released its debut Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Activado’. The EP features a collaboration between Edem and Byno Ayoni, a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene.

‘Activado’ showcases a unique blend of sounds and powerful collaborations between the two artists. The tracklist includes songs like ‘Champion’, ‘Lebron James’, ‘Stand Firm’, and ‘Henny’, all expertly produced by Moszi and mixed and mastered by Mike Mills.

Edem Goget’em and Byno Ayoni are thrilled to share this project with their fans and the world. The EP represents VRMG’s commitment to bringing dynamic and culturally rich music to the forefront of the industry.

“We are incredibly proud of this EP and the work that has gone into it. We can’t wait for our fans to hear it and experience the energy and passion we’ve poured into these songs. This is just the beginning of more great music to come,” said Edem.

Audiomack, the music streaming platform, is hosting the ‘Activado’ EP for fans to enjoy. With a focus on emerging artists and new releases, Audiomack provides a user-friendly platform for music discovery.

Listen to the ‘Activado’ EP on Audiomack to experience the unparalleled talent and creativity of Edem Goget’em and Byno Ayoni. This release marks a milestone for VRMG and sets the stage for a bright future in the global music scene.