Edem’s VRMG announces release of ‘Activado’ EP in partnership with Audiomack

Edem’s VRMG announces release of ‘Activado’ EP in partnership with Audiomack

Ghanaian musician Edem Gogetem and VRMG have exciting news for their fans. They have announced a special partnership with Audiomack for the release of their new EP titled ‘Activado’. The EP is set to be released on June 4, 2024, and this collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Edem and VRMG as they aim to expand their reach and provide fans with more access to their music.

Edem Gogetem, known for his unique style and captivating performances, expressed his enthusiasm about working with Audiomack. He shared his excitement by saying, “I am incredibly excited about this partnership with Audiomack. It means that all my fans will have access to more of my music and the amazing work coming from VRMG. Audiomack is a fantastic platform that aligns with our vision of reaching music lovers worldwide.”

The partnership with Audiomack will see the release of four new singles from VRMG, including songs from Edem himself and reality superstar Byno Ayoni, who is a new signee of VRMG. This collaboration is expected to bring a fresh wave of music to fans and elevate the presence of VRMG in the global music scene.

Edem Gogetem is calling on all his dedicated fans, known as Gogetters, to support this exciting venture. He urged his fans by saying, “Gogetters, this is a big moment for us! I need you all to go out there, download Audiomack, follow me, Edem Gogetem, and get ready for a whole lot of new music. Let’s make this partnership a success and show the world the power of our music.”

The ‘Activado’ EP will be exclusively available on Audiomack on June 4, 2024, offering fans an immersive and unique listening experience. Before the release, fans can listen to the first single off the EP titled ‘Stand Firm’ exclusively on Audiomack.