Amerado is singing and it’s good he’s doing that – Lyrical Joe

Amerado is singing and it’s good he’s doing that – Lyrical Joe

Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe has expressed his approval of fellow rapper Amerado’s decision to venture into singing.

Lyrical Joe, also known as LJ, believes that although Amerado is doing well as a singer, his true strength lies in rapping.

During an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, LJ stated, “In the case of Amerado, he is singing and it is good he is doing so, but we all know that if he happens to find himself on stage or an international platform, and is being given a microphone to perform, he is not the singer that has the vocals and would have to run because he is a rapper.”

Lyrical Joe emphasized that being a singer does not prevent one from also being a rapper. He encouraged rappers and singers to explore their full potential and not limit themselves to one genre.

The rapper also discussed the pressure in the industry for rappers to cross over into singing. He acknowledged that many people advise rappers to incorporate singing into their music as it can help them succeed in the industry.

LJ cautioned his colleagues to stay true to their passion, whether it be rapping or singing, as the decision can greatly impact their career.