Why Ghanaian Jollof will always surpass Nigerian Jollof

The fight for Jollof rice rights will never end. Whereas yesterday I got the ultimate proof that neither Ghanaians nor Nigerians did invent the Jollof rice, this doesn’t mean that the actual originators are the best at cooking it.

The info I got ultimately claims that the Wolof people of from Senegal/Gambia originated the meal; because of its name of course; and if Nigerians or we Ghanaians can explain exactly why Jollof is called Jollof, it would very much help.

But I must add again, the origin of the dish does not determine the final taste, because I can confidently say to you, after years of painstaking research that Jollof from Ghana is the best. But why take my word for it, when there are a lot of other opinions pointing to this.

But if you’re Nigerian?

And stop reading now…

And that’s a Nigerian speaking bro.

When Mugabe tasted Ghanaian Jollof and loved it.

When Obama regretted eating Nigerian Jollof.

When Buhari asked for a loan to learn how to cook Ghanaian Jollof

I mean Nigerian Jollof is ok if you’re in the mood to try something that has all the hype but no taste.  If you’re the kind to eat expensive fancy food like this just for the hype.

Still not convinced? Well, tell us who is the winner in the Ghanaian Jollof vs Nigerian Jollof fight below. And do share with your friends to share their opinions.