Sons shouldn’t be mothers’ emotional support system – Ethel Adjololo

Sons shouldn’t be mothers’ emotional support system – Ethel Adjololo

BoysDocta Ethel, a Ghanaian male rights advocate, has a powerful message for ‘boy moms’ worldwide. In a recent segment on Joy Prime television’s Prime Morning show, Ethel shared her concerns about mothers burdening their sons with emotional needs that should not be their responsibility.

She emphasized the importance of not turning sons into surrogate husbands, stating that this practice can leave boys emotionally exhausted and ill-prepared for their own relationships and marriages in the future. By relying on their sons for emotional support, mothers may inadvertently hinder their growth and ability to form healthy and fulfilling partnerships.

Ethel also highlighted the significance of providing boys with positive male role models and mentorship, while being cautious of the influence of others in their lives. It is essential for mothers to allow their sons to be themselves and foster their individuality, without overwhelming them with adult emotional baggage.

As the Founding Director of JSA Boys mentorship, Ethel’s message serves as a reminder for mothers to prioritize their sons’ well-being and development, while also recognizing the boundaries in parent-child relationships. By empowering boys to be emotionally independent and resilient, mothers can set them up for success in their personal and professional lives.