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154 hours and still counting as Ghanaian artist Mubarikatu Issaka goes strong on GWR paint-a-thon

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Mubarikatu Issaka, a talented Ghanaian artist from Akwatia in the Eastern region, has taken on an extraordinary challenge at the Xtreme pub in Akwatia. Known as ‘Artist Barry’, the 29-year-old is on a mission to break the current record for the longest individual painting marathon.

The existing record stands at an impressive 100 hours, achieved by Nigerian art student Chancellor Ahaghotu earlier this year, breaking a record that had been in place for over a decade. However, Artist Barry is pushing the limits even further by aiming to surpass 130 hours of continuous painting within just six days.

As of May 4, Artist Barry has already exceeded 90 hours of painting, showcasing remarkable dedication and endurance. To adhere to the rules, she takes short breaks, allowing herself five minutes for every hour of painting or a 20-minute break after four hours.

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After spending six days and 10 hours on her ambitious journey, Mubarikatu Issaka remains steadfast in her determination to complete a 7-day Guinness World Record paint-a-thon. Her commitment to her craft and passion for art are truly commendable.

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