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‘Ga men lazy, unsuccessful; unlike Fantes, Ewes and northerners’ – Podcaster Jennifer Amartei

Up-and-coming Ghanaian podcaster and TikToker Jennifer Amartei, also known as Miss Enny, has branded Ga men as a lazy bunch and the reason why they are not mentioned when Ghanaian successful men are listed.

Speaking on her latest podcast about the perceptions about tribes in Ghana, Miss Enny claimed that Ga men are slothful and unbothered, and do not ‘push harder’ as compared to other tribes’ men in Ghana.

According to her, she is a Ga and lives in a Ga community and can attest to the fact that the men from her tribe aren’t forceful, hence, the reason most of them aren’t successful.

“When I look at successful people in Ghana, I don’t see Ga (men),” she noted. “Even though I’m a Ga, I don’t see Ga men when I’m thinking about successful people. And It’s strengthening the perception about Ga men being lazy.”

Miss Enny said even though her father — who is also a Ga man — works hard, she doesn’t see other Ga men working hard.

“It’s not true because my dad works hard. But then I can’t see the type of Ga men who work. I live in the Ga community, and all the boys live like gangsters or unbothered.”

She concluded: “I can’t see them pushing like the Fante, Ewe, and northern men. These are very serious men and are recognized for working extremely hard. All Ga men do is sit at the roadside or refuse to work after closing from their trotro business.”

Watch the video of Miss Enny bashing Ga men below.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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