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‘Accra is disgusting, a disgrace’ – American lady fumes over garbage at Labadi Beach

African American lady who is in Ghana for vacation has described Accra as a 'disgrace' after running into a chunk of garbage at Labadi Beach.

An African American lady has expressed her disappointment in Accra after running into a pile of garbage left on Labadi Beach.

The lady whose name is unknown shared a video of herself cooling off at Labadi Beach in Accra. Unfortunately, she ran into the garbage and went gaga over what she witnessed.

According to her, as expensive as Accra is, an incident like this shouldn’t happen and it’s a disgrace for the capital city of Ghana.

“How is this city one of the most expensive cities to live in on the (African) continent and the beaches look like this?” she quizzed as she pans her phone camera to capture the mess she saw. “This is disgusting.”

“I have never ever in my life seen a beach with so much trash on it. Look at the trash in the water; look how brown the water is. It’s a disgrace,” she continued.

She then pointed out what constituted the waste issue at the beach, saying: “We have a plastic problem; we have a waste management problem; we have a responsibility. I don’t get it.”

Many agreed with her, but others rained insults on her when shared the video on our Instagram page.

“Where’s the lie though? I know there are nicer parts of the beach but we shouldn’t have this problem at all,” Instagram user @ghalex_chosen said.

“As someone who visited Ghana and absolutely fell in love with the country I completely agree with her. I love the country so much I plan to move there for a year, but the polluted beaches were a big problem for me. There are not enough companies that cater to waste management outside of the more popular cities.

What we have to do as a people is to acknowledge the systematic disenfranchisement that causes pollution, and then take responsibility for finding solutions. It’s not enough to acknowledge and complain. You must take action. For those traveling to Ghana take the time to spend one of your vacation days to provide environmental assistance. And for the people of Ghana become economically and politically involved in ways that help the development of your home country,” user @timmyeffect said.

Another user @mafiolor blasted her: “As an African American, I apologize to my African people, for this dumb video. What she should have done was picked up a bag and help clean it up. Then make a video putting it down. She a visitor, America wayyy dirtier. If she doesn’t like it, go to somewhere else.”

Watch the heartbreaking video below.

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David Mawuli
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