Inverse Care: A setback in achieving universal health coverage in Ghana

In Ghana, primary health care (PHC) is the agreed pathway for achieving UHC. PHC is the first level of contact of individuals, their families and communities with the national health system.

Emerging Issues In Public Health: A perspective on Ghana’s healthcare expenditure, policies and outcomes

Ghana’s healthcare expenditure has increased over the past two decades. Increased healthcare expenditures are required to enhance the acquisition of better hospital resources that may improve healthcare.

Betway marks World Hypertension Day with health screening in Kumasi

Betway, Ghana’s premier sports betting provider, has joined with a number of stakeholders to offer health screenings to the public this World Hypertension Day.

Sickness is your greatest enemy – know your rights as a patient

Sickness has become a part of us now and we try so much to be careful so as to avoid it. If one does not take care of himself or herself he or she will fall prey to sickness.

Richard Arthur-Norman: The multi-sectoral definition of health in Ghana

iGhanaian Blogger, Richard Arthur-Norman advises that we should all make it a point to treat health issues as a matter of necessity to all of us and not leave it in the hands of other people as if we have no business in it.

PRINCE CLINTON APPAU: The dying primary health care in Ghana

Primary Health Care seeks to provide adequate supply of safe water and sanitation. But what do we see now?, asks iGhanaian Columnist, Prince Clinton Appau

Gov’t cautioned against increasing NHIL by tax experts

According to William Demitia, a tax expert, increase in consumption tax such as the NHIL, if not properly examined, could cause inflationary pressures that may see prices of goods and services up.