DEATH HOAX Why the term 'Neon dead' is trending explained

Why the term ‘Neon dead’ is trending explained

Popular online streamer, Rangesh Mutama, also known as Neon, recently made headlines after his arrest in Dubai.

Rumors had circulated that the controversial streamer had died while in custody in the United Arab Emirates, causing concern among his fans.

Neon, who is known for his content playing Fortnite and NBA 2K, has a large following on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Kick.

Neon has faced criticism in the past for engaging in controversial content to increase views and posting misleading videos.

In 2019, he faked having terminal cancer and later pretended to have passed away from a brain tumor, only to reveal that it was all a hoax. The streamer also faced backlash for falsely claiming to have met someone with coronavirus during the pandemic.

Recently, Neon and his girlfriend, Sam Frank, were arrested in Dubai for filming in a theme park without proper permits. The incident was captured on a live stream, where Neon explained that his team accidentally filmed the police, leading to their arrest. After spending 37 hours in jail, Neon expressed regret for his actions and emphasized the importance of following the rules in Dubai.

Despite rumors of his death circulating online, Neon resurfaced in a video where he addressed the situation in Dubai and clarified what had happened.

The streamer acknowledged his mistake and emphasized the consequences of his actions. Fans of Neon can rest assured that he is alive and well, and has learned from this experience in Dubai.